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Because of him, I have totally rethought my practice regimen. His work ethic is inspirational, and I'm scared to see what he learns in the next ten years.
-Georie Saunders

I saw Virgil play in Austin on the G3 tour with Vai and Sheehan. His performance was beyond words. I have played the drums for about 10-15 years now and it takes a lot to make me drool over someone's ability. After watching him play all I could do was thank God for Virgil and for allowing me to watch the Steve Vai of the drum world. It was amazing to see and hear the man. If you have never heard him play and he is in your area and you don't go hear him then you should not even call yourself a drummer, because someone with his ability comes along every million years. He will inspire you to play and send you back to the woodshed to practice until your hands and feet fall off. Thank you Mr. Donati for gracing the world with your musical ability.
-Jeremy Hayes

I must've watched that MD festival video a hundred times and I still can't believe my eyes. Virgil is the best in the universe. I don't think he is human, he must come from another planet!
-A Canadian Fan

I just saw the Modern Drummer festival video and I must say I'm
shocked! Totally unbelievable! When I'm on the net I always look for new and interesting drummers. Since a minute ago it seems like I really found the drummer I was looking for!
-Lars Nydahl

Saw him last night in Toronto, he blew me away. He was the most memorable thing from the show. Think about it, Satriani, Vai, Petrucci, Sheehan, Portnoy, and all I remember is Virgil.
-A Canadian Fan

I would like to say that after finally getting my video tape of Virgil from the 1997 Modern Drummer festival, I am going to burn my drumset! Virgil Is a true genius. His drumming abilty is awesome. Keep up the amazing work!
-A Die Hard Fan

If there is truly a god of the drums he is it. He is no dought the best now and for ever.
-Travis Bertram

Saw the man yesterday at the NEC, Birmingham, UK. I have never seen or heard anything like it before. Cant wait to see him again. Easily the best in the world.
-UK Fan

Virgil Donati. That guy! I’m not one of those guys that’s really into playing a lot of drums or doing the whole solo kind of thing. Once again, I like playing the song, I like playing the music. But Virgil... that boy is stupid. I mean he does things I couldn’t even dream of.
-Herman Matthews (In a Cyber-Drum Interview)

I mean look at Virgil - Imagine how much he'd have to practice to be that good!
-Dave Weckl (In a Drumscene magazine interview)

This man is truly a genius, no doubt about that!!
-Montreal Fan

Man, where the hell did he get feet like that?!
-Austin Texas Fan

I would just like to say, that Virgil is an amazing guy on and off the kit!
-Canaan McDuffie

Virgil totally smoked the kit in Atlanta, GA! DOUBLE STROKIN' KICK MASTER!!
-Gary Oppert

The Jack Butler on the drumkit, diabolical!
-Erik Hink

He is the best drummer I have ever heard!
-Daniel Zarate

He's got more muscle on his feet than a pro European soccer player.
-Mississippi Fan

Virgil has inspired me to take my drumming in a whole new direction! I have never heard someone play like him before, and I doubt there will be any challangers to his throne in the future.
-Daniel Cease

I would swap my hands for his feet!
-Dion Walters

Hell, I'm STILL trying to figure out what he was playing!
-Aussie Fan

There is no doubt, no debate...Virgil Donati is clearly the world's greatest drummer ever. Like Mohammed Ali in boxing, Bruce Lee in Martial Arts, Virgil Donati is in Drumming.
-Theo "Saurus-Rex"

Virgil is pure MAGIC. His ability to successfully combine musicality and showmanship is unmatched. It is an honor to say that I have shaken his hand!
-Saul P.

It's refreshing and inspiring to see somebody with such ability, intelligence, imagination and dedication as Virgil's. His determination to expand his craft beyond the limits perceived by other musicians is the mark of a true master. Watching him perform, apart from being a total mindfuck, has been one of the few experiences I have had of being in the presence of greatness.
- Loz

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