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Hello all i need some help (not mentally) everytime i record i know the songs really well. so i go in and when i try to think of a fill or something i play it in my head then it doesnt come out right. so i get all panicy and dont remember stuff after that. any help would be usefull thanx nick
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A good rule of thumb I use in the studio is the K.I.S.S. method. Before you think I'm some Peter Criss freak, it means "keep it simple, stupid". I've found myself stumbling when I try to play a fill that...just...fits...but no cigar.
What I've found is that if I honor the song, it will tell me what fills I need to play in order to make the song feel right. I think of the most basic fills, and I make them feel as good as I possibly can...and before I know it, I've created a great take that I'm happy with. If not, then...back to record take two...and three..and four...

Remain calm. Sometimes people feel overwhelmed when facing the daunting task of recording for posterity. The only remedy is... repetition. The more you record, the more you will feel comfortable. Get comfortable with the click track (if being used) and K.I.S.S.
Thanks for reading.
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did u make up the K.I.S.S. method? cause that's really good advice man!
"This is an art; it's not a sports competition." -Dave Weckl
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Musicians never fret about parts they've played alot, therefore, being prepared is really whats at question in a studio gig. Capturing a good performance is the goal, so being prepared will make you feel comfortable in you abilities! Problem solved!
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if I made up this K.I.S.S method, and copyrighted it, I'd be RICH!!!!
But no, I did not make it up...it was what I learned, specifially, in music school...conducting class.
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