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Old 01-03-2004, 08:54 AM   #1
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RTOM pads ->

I've checked out RTOM's different snare pad products, and I've noticed that they have two different pads on the market. One is called the 'RTOM Workout Pad', and the other is called the 'RTOM Snare Pad'.

They say that the Snare Pad is 50% softer than conventional rubber pads, but still remains the rebound of a snare drum.
In an earlier thread, I asked some questions about it and people said that RTOM's pads are all none rebound pads. What I didn't notice was that the Snare Pad is a new product.
Does anyone know is it is a good pad? I still want to have the 'feel' of a snare drum, but I don't like the hard rubber pads. Especially is I use big sticks like 2B. I feel that with a rubber pad, I get a shock on my sticks. From what I've read about the Snare Pad, the whole idea is to keep the rebound, but get rid of the shock.
Does anyone have any comments on it?


PS, I know I'm nagging about practice pads a lot, but I'm really picky with those things.
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Old 01-03-2004, 12:56 PM   #2
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Nothing really wrong with bragging

First off, are you using the 2B sticks as workout sticks? I presume that you're using slightly thinner stick when you play right?

Personally I find the Workout Pad to be the best pad to improve your hands. Yes, it's great to have that little bounce when you play, but you'll see the real difference when you switch from playing on the moongel pad (workout pad) to the snare drum.

Also, I suggest using even thicker sticks when warming up. Im talking about treetrunks here I use marching sticks or the Vater Shedder sticks. These are only for warm up though.

So, bottom line....you should use the moongel pad
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