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Old 06-18-2003, 02:16 AM   #1
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Question how to build independence and co-ordination and ostinatos

how can you improve that? what should i practise.........any practise ideas? submit!!
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I think everybody should study Marco Minnemans book "extreme interdependence". Many of his ideas and exercises can be heard in Virgils playing.

Finally, another member from sweden...where in sweden do you live??
I live in hultsfred, you know the big Rockfestival that was held last weekend??

Keep on drumming!
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Old 06-18-2003, 05:12 AM   #3
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yes i was there in hultsfred.....many good drummers!!!!! joey castillo, Brad wilk but most of all gene hoglan of strapping young lad....my god!!! i live in falun from dalarna.
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Old 06-18-2003, 09:42 AM   #4
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Moving into tips and techniques..
Christopher Nalbandian
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Hey SwedenDrummer there are many exercises that you can employ, one that is general but that helps in many aspects is taking rudimental exercises and doing them with your feet, building up your feet to be somewhere close to the ability of your hands(It is o.k. none of us are nowhere close to Virgil in this department but we can still work on it and get where we can). Many times we commit the bulk of time in practice to our hands as far as overall technique goes but we should really develop our feet also, this definitely gives you an edge in the coordination(DEXTERITY) AND interdependence departments.

Speed is not the main goal but fluidity, consistency, endurance and variety and playing in good time, speed will come with time start off slow(practice with singles,doubles and paradiddles, use them in combinations) and be patient, but maybe you are already really doing this. As you grow in ability you can incorporate the hands with the feet, do fairly simple patterns with feet, it can be one solid ostinato or varying the patterns(using rudimental exercises) and solo over the top with the hands again start off simple and work your way up. Reverse the routine, do a rudimental ostinato with the hands and and play freely with the feet be creative and again simple working your way up, HEY use your imagination man you would be surprised what you can come up with as far as patterns. As Virgil has said over and over the key is to be able to freely play with the hands or feet while expressing with the other(hands or feet) and doing it creatively and with good time and taste.

Hope this helps even a little bit. Take care on keep on playing!

Regards Kirk
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Old 06-21-2003, 09:55 AM   #6
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thanks so much for great help.....would be greatful with some more help!!!
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