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Old 11-28-2005, 10:57 PM   #1
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Can't get it

Hey guys, this is my first post here, I usually come by and check out some post because there is alot of good and useful information here. Anyways, I bought myself a drum set last Christmas because my other friend bought a keyboard and we also know a bass player and thought it be fun to get together once in a awhile and groove. I am as of right now self taught and still learning alot. I bought myself a metronome about two months ago to get my timing precise but I still have trouble. It seems like I can hold it for a few seconds and then I'm all over. I don't understand it!?!? I practice with pads and its the same thing. Is there tips that or things I should do? I mean I can count it out fine but when I get going into it it seems to fall apart. When I play along to songs I seem to keep up fine but It just may be that im not hearing myself. I know I shouldn't get discouraged but I just cant get a simple beat down. When I use my metronome, I set it a 100 bpm with a simple 4 beat measure. I usually end up playing the snare on one and kick on three after ahile. At first I thought this was just how it worked because when I played my nome to a song, the beat would change to, one and three would be switched(if that sounds confusing im sorry...Basically the kick lands on one but the snare hits on one later on). I dont know, I think im going to try some lessons over winter break. I live in northern NJ and my friend who bought they keyboard told me a place where he gets lessons, he sounds really good already. I guess I should just be more patient but it feels like it is simple thing im not doing. Well any help would be appreciated, thanks.
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Old 11-29-2005, 01:26 AM   #2
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Welcome to the board, man! Glad to have you here.

It sounds like a few problems might be making it tough for you...

For one thing, you are still inexperienced, so your technique and independance are probably not yet developed enough to the point where you can forget about what your limbs are doing and focus on the sound coming out. That is why drummers practice technical stuff in the first place.

Another thing is that good timing comes through a lot of practice. Try playing quarters to the click, focusing on internalizing the beat. Try subdividing it in your head, and with your limbs. Count the beats out loud, "one-e-and-a-two-e-and-a-three-e-and-a-four-e-and-a...", and let the tempo sink in. Work with the metronome a little bit each day, and just remember to focus on what you're doing, and you'll improve over time.

To develop technique and independance, or actually anything for that matter, I'd suggest getting a teacher to show you how and what to practice.

You sound like you have the desire and that's the most important thing. If you want it bad enough, after a bit of work you'll get it for sure.
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Old 11-29-2005, 02:40 AM   #3
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A teacher is a great resource, and I second that idea. If you're playing a groove or rudiment my advice is play the pattern slowly, and as evenly as you can without the metronome for a while - say for at least a minute. Once you can repeat it and a bunch others without any mistakes at a steady speed, then begin work with the metronome. If you introduce the metronome before you have a pattern down, it'll just serve as another distraction, rather than an aid.
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