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Old 10-31-2005, 04:20 AM   #1
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(another) Question to Seth Davis

Hey Seth, since you're on the forum anyway, I'll ask the question here. That way everyone can learn something from it.
Now, I've been pushing myself relatively hard on doubles with hands, and yesterday I found out I could play doubles at about 150-160 (32th notes), so about 1200-1300 Bpm. Only one problem: I can't hold this for much longer than 15 seconds
So, my question is, when you where practising for your title of fastest doubles, how did you do it? Howmuch time a day you spended on doing doubles, and what other exercises you did to make playing at that speed for a full minute possible?
And how about your progress? Did you find it impossible at first to climb from let's say 1100 to 1200, or did it al go with ease?
I'm looking forward to some advice here

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Old 11-05-2005, 08:46 PM   #2
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Basically i worked my way up,thats why when i did 1021 people thought that was so slow and terrible,but the fact of the matter was that i was playing the open roll at about 12-14 inches high back then.One other point is that i play singles not doubles,when i got into the wfd i had to prove myself like everyone else that i was capable of playing 17 to 18 strokes a second singles.I really appreciate virgils take on speed("i have to make sure i work on the quality of what i am producing and not just speed").I take the same approach,i cannot play an open double stroke roll faster than 1200 without sacrificing technique,that is where i stop.My approach to playing 20 strokes a second is the same as playing 800 strokes a second,play them high,even and powerful and for long periods of time.There is a guy who came SUPPOSEDLY do 1500 double strokes,that is not what i am about at all,i can push the sticks into the drum and do 1600 but that is garbage.The biggest tip i can give is to make sure that ALL of your fingers stay wrapped around the stick,and to make sure to always,always,always stroke the roll,dont push down.Hoped that helped,i have new video clips up and a live drum solo over multiple pedals,at abigailsghost.com. There is two examples of me playing single strokes on there that i think you would like,take care..............seth
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