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Old 08-29-2004, 09:01 AM   #1
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n00b to this..

on tuesday, i will be in a battle of the bands at my school. the winner will get to freely record a cd. the one sponsoring this is a person from a radio station who has heard us before and said "no matter what, win or lose, im gonna get u guys to record this saturday!" which is totally ****ing SWEET!!

ive never been in a REAL studio before, actually being able to record. give me some hints of what i should expect being there, what to say, where to go, anything! let me pick ur brains guys, about recording.
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Milo Porto
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your best friend...the metronome, when recording.... dont let small mistakes go by...you'll regret it in future, take your time to really get the sound of your drums right, do your homework first before anything else, and most importantly... THE FIRST TAKE IS ALWAYS THE BEST. =-) so do your best on the first take, or even when running through the song.. .when the guy at the board goes : lets just run thorugh the song. he might just press the RED button! good luck... =-)



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Hey dude - Good luck. Are they really going to use a click, or do they want to record you ALL as in a "live" situation - without click - on tuesday?? In anyway, the most important is not the click I believe, it still remains YOU and you just should be able to reproduce ur drumparts without doing too much (I recently was in studio with a drummer that did tend to perform 1000 fills per second, then he was like "Oh guyz, now you can choose all the fills you want - to use or not"... In one word, he was willing the studio crew to edit the song and IMHO a track shouldnt be a copy-paste of thousand takes of grooves and fills, better when it's just one real balanced take )
Anyway good luck and keep posted!! You know your music so you'd know better than anybody how to do...
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