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Question about Ignotus per Ignotium...

I'm stuck in the logic of one little section of this tune, the crazy part that goes from 3:42 to 4:02, right before the guitar solo and the all sweet 4/4 groove. I've seen Ignotus's score and that particular part appears to be in 5/16, and it feels like it indeed, but it doesn't fit metronomicly (is that even a word?). So either the tempo has changed or something else is going on. Well, I have 2 options I'm not sure about:

1) Tempo suddenly goes from 90 to 108 bmp. Exactly 18 more bpm that the original tempo, which is of course a fifth of it. That part, as I said, is in 5/16. In that case, Virgil is hiting the bass drum every 5 / 32nd notes.That seems to fit well, but I'm still skeptic.

2) Or, Virgil is actually playing the 8th note on the bass drum and everyone is really developing quintuplets based melodies over a 4/8 - 2/4 section. Although this seems closer to the original tempo, is not quite there actually, as it's near 86 bpm to fit into the song. And of course, seems to be unnecesarily complex for everyone to follow.

Perhaps there's another option I'm missing...can anyone tell what is going on in this part? I really NEED to know the truth...and this has been eating my brain for years!
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This part has some implied or actual metric modulations in it for my ear, doesn't it?
I guess it's possible to look at it from different perspectives. You "just"
have to bring it down to paper in one or the other proper way. Maybe
while transcribing you'll automatically find the best way?
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Sounds like a modulation of 16th=16th quintuplet rate to me, could be wrong as only had a quick listen and the section before is modulating too, but 16th triplet mod sounds too fast..what do you guys think?
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