Lesson #043 - 3 Stroke Singles for Double Bass Drums

In lesson 31 - "Broken Bass Drum Singles", I showed you how I practiced laying syncopated single strokes with the bass drums. Although I isolated some of the patterns on the accompanying charts, the video was an improvisation of various combinations of these single stroke patterns. In this lesson, I take that same concept, but break down some of the basic elements, in this case, 3 stroke singles. Lessons 40 and 41 are also examples of how to develop this skill, using different combinations of singles. I still find it challenging and important to work on this skill, from the perspective of developing a rhythmic approach to double bass drumming, supplementary to plain singles or doubles. It's challenging to maintain a strong sense of meter while playing these types of rhythms with the bass drums. This is why the hands should...

Also included : 1 Drum Chart + 2 Videos

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