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Originally Posted by C.J.
Salut !
There's this detail I'd like to question you about : when I play (trad of course) my little finger tends to "get loose", like...euh... sort of dance about as if I couldn't hold it in place (sorry man I hope you understand) which is kind of annoying (yeah I'm a detail maniac!). I try to get it to stay put, but when I play fast, Mr. pinky finger just bails out. Do think I should try to fix this or is it "normal" that the little finger doesn't stay "glued" to my ringfinger ?


I had had the same problem that you with my little finger, so i cut it, the only problem is that i canīt reach confortable enough my left ear with my right little finger but then you get used to it.

Lucius, that was very helpfull, mil gracias.!
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