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Hey Joe, sounds like you have quite a road trip going on

Will Virgil have a meet & greet after the show?

Virgil is always around for a meet and greet. No problem...there are no backstage passes or anything of that nature. However, I dont know how every venue sets themselves up though.

Is there any recording such as audio and or video allowed at his clinics?

Audio or Video bootlegging is obviously not allowed at any of the clinics or performances.

Are there any size restraints as far as digital photos so hopefuly I can be able to contribute pix to the website?

I actually encourage having very big pictures when the fans send me pics to put up. I love hi-res pics incase they might be used elsewhere (with permission). But just to answer your question, you can go nuts in sending me the pics, just as long as it's not 10 megs per pic or anything Standard JPEG's will do.

Can you give an estimate as to how long this clinic will last? I have a very long ride home!

Virgil's clinics range around the 2 hour mark on average. Sometimes even more. Just his drum solo can go easily around 30 mins. I'm pretty sure you'll have a nice dosage of drumming on your ride back.

If you have any other questions, let me know.

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