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Akin, Yes I did read your entire post. Here's my point:

You wrote:

"Here is the thing Seth:Keep going what you are doing and don't listen anyone else never and ever.."

And then in your last post you wrote:

"I believe that you all guys can all stand to listen and take the advice.."

So in one breath you tell Seth NOT to listen to anyone and in the next breath
you say that we should take his advice. Obviously you can't have it both ways. Which led me to believe that maybe you telling Seth not to listen to anyone... On the other hand if you did mean exactly that, then we can take the same attitude where we don't listen to Seth, never, ever.

Originally Posted by Sillyman
drumming is art! music! not a sport of the fastest!!! if u want to compete go play Nascar or football!!!! ****!

Sillyman I get your point. But the fact is, is there are events that features the very thing you are against. So it DOES exist as a sport and competition.

But that's not the point I'm trying to make. There are times or there may be times when you need or just may want to play fast. It may be the nature of the song or something you want to do in a solo or whatever the case may be. In that instance, speed becomes important. If you are entering a worlds fastest whatever, then obviously speed is important. I too am mainly a groove player, but some times speed is required within some of the music I play and that makes it important to me and anyone else who needs or wants to apply it.

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