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I love this forum..It is very pleasant to see how it's protected seriouslyAnd being respectful at the same time....

Here is the thing Seth:Keep going what you are doing and don't listen anyone else never and ever..

But I know almost everybody in this forum..These guys are very open minded.They always say what's on their mind sincerely and without hesitating..You are going to get used to it

I can see that this thread goes a little bit aggressive.But you can not see these guys to get into this position and be defensive like this all the time..Is that mean that they are right?That is what you are going to decide...

What I can suggest is:
Considering the level of perception of these guys,how they are sincere and wise,maybe you might take them seriously..I don't mean that you don't.Because I don't know if you do or not..But if you consider what I say I believe that it's going to help to your drumming..Helped mine actually..What I believe is;an artist shouldn't listen anyone,get alone in the dark and should search for his/herself..But sometimes we need some stations to settle down,come out from the dark and glance around a little..This forum is very good for that.....

Depending on your attitude(no offense) these guys can be hard a little..At the beginning I became a member because I only wanted to support Virgil..I never wanted to write or discuss anything with anyone..I don't argue with people...But after a while you gonna see that this place and these people are different..You gonna love it here....And trust me thay are mature enough..Actually you don't know yet but they will make you more matureThey made me...hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah

By the way good drumming
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