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Okay, as to the actual playing and skill level:

I loved it! Clean, smooth, and precise with really nice dynamics. Dynamics always show a sense of connection and sensitivity. LOTS of players miss this, even in progressive music.... Very nice!

As to the actual composition:

In my opinion: All twists and turns and no straightaways. Sometimes we may come across a musical piece that is compositionally simple. It is written and arranged in such a way that it just doesn't take the listener anywhere. The same thing can happen with a compositionally intricate piece of music. The musical journey is lost in all the intricate details. This is how this piece strikes me.

The first minute or so was fun, but after that I began to get ear fatigue and soon after found myself desperately wanting to get off the ride... Keep in mind that this MY PERSONAL OPINION and I would always encourage you to go with your heart and do what YOU do. Any other way and it would not be art.

Let me also add that I recognize the skill level it takes to do what you did and that in itself is VERY impressive.

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