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Awesome Devil's Slingshot Gigs in Austria


i saw the gigs on 10th and 11th november in Velden and Vienna
(together with Heli, another member of the msgboard).

was a very small venue. The stage was about 5x3 meters and and in front
of the stage people had about 7x10 meters of space. The drums had only
overhead mics, bass drum mic and snare mic.

The show was awesome. I stood beside (!) the stage such that billy was
about 1 meter away from me. The cool thing was to see virgil's feet pushing
the hell out of the bass drum.

Tony is a genius. His classical piano solo (besides the amazing guitar playing)
blew the audience away. Billy - as always - was very funny and showed his
amazing chops.

The sound was very good from where I was standing.

Virgil's drumming was awesome and extremely tight (as always). But I had the
feeling that he was not happy in general: his drumsolo was short; after the
concert the three came out to sign and chat with people, but virgil was very
shy in the back. With elbow techniques I was finally able to get my DVD and
Quantum signed and we talked a bit. Suddenly, he disappeared. I don't know
why - the other two remained there much longer and seemed to be in a good


This show was FANTASTIC. The drum was provided with tons of mics and the
sound (mixing) of the drums was the best I've ever heared. The toms and the
bass drum were perfectly mixed and you could feel evey hit in your stomach!

The show was a lot better than in Velden. Especially Virgil was on Fire. The
drum solo was unbelieveable and lasted about 10-11 minutes. The crowd went
wild - it was sooo coool.

After the show we waited for Virgil to make congratulations, but once again
only billy and tony came out to sign and shake hands. Finally, Virg also came
out but escaped very quickly without talking to anyone. I didn't understand
that, because he seemed to be in a good mood during the concert. I was a
bit sad about this fact

My wife (she was with me) told me: "For me, he looks a bit burned out".
I have to second that, although I have to point out that this has no effect
on his drumming.

I think the master should take a break after the cab tour to relax a bit

All-in-all it was - once again - an amazing experience to meet this band.

Finally I've to say that I'm really angry about my own country. People
are so lazy and do not go to good concerts. In velden there were about 50-
70 people only ... the situation in vienna was a bit better, but again not
very convincing. There was a lot space left. Sorry for that!

P.S. My pics are not good.
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