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It does not make sense to me to set your pedals on a higher tension in order to develop speed. When you will use the lighter set up and when to practice with lighter spring?
Strength comes from correctly applied technique. Or do you want to practice to lift more weight with your pedals? No you want to get an effective approach on playing. What I am talking about is control with ease. That can only be learned through practicing and due to pedal setting that suits you best, although low to medium tension will work best for most drummers!
It also can become a problem as a high tension pedal tends to stay a the foot more and give that tense feeling. On the other hand as you sit down to your normal or low tension pedals it can happen really fast that you start loosing contact to your boards because of the not giving back enough tension.

Choose the same tension on both setups. The way the pedal is setup when you get it out of the box is mostly the best.
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