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Talking My kit


Tama Starclassic
2 8" toms (one deeper and one more shallow) - The shallow one is tuned waaaay up to sound like a 6" tom
10" tom
12" tom
13" tom
14" tom
16" tom
14" snare
22" bass

Cymbals (All Sabian):
21" Ed Shaughnessy Ride
17" Virgil Donati Saturation Crash
18" AA Crash
15" AAXtreme China
18" AA China
14" AAX Stage hats
7" Mike Portnoy Max Splash
9" Mike Portnoy Max Splash
11" Mike Portnoy Max Splash
8-8" Mike Portnoy High Max Stax
10-10" Mike Portnoy MediumMax Stax
12-14" Mike Portnoy Low Max Stax
6" CD Cymbal Disk

Iron Cobra double pedals

Tama and Gibraltar hardware
Pearl rack systems

Zildjian Mike Mangini Signature
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