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Pics from Baked Potato November 12th, 2005!

Hey guys,

Everytime I wake up the next morning from a Virgil gig at the Baked Potato I ask myself..."What the hell can I post that will surpass the last pic post that I made?". This band is simply amazing. They are incredibly tight and just don't stop WOW'ing everybody who passes by. Of course Virgil is ALWAYS impressive as his drums were sounding absolutely fantastic last night. Yes, it was the midnight fade kit which he brought with him. He was on fire as usual, along with the "Taste Police" Rufus Philpot and the "Pyramids on Mars master" Michel Forman.

The Baked Potato was packed to the brim as this trio once again delivered their magic through their instruments. Mitch particularly impressed me with his creative use of strings and various tones throughout both sets. EVERYONE was hungry for fusion last night, and the crowd was absolutely amazing.

I can't wait to hear the feedback from all you aussies when this same exact trio comes down to Oz in December (dates still being confirmed).

Anyway, I'll get straight to the pics...Enjoy!

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