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More on Pedals (Iron Cobra)

You have heard me expound
on the Axis-A Longboards and
Pearl Eliminators. It's time I talk
about the Tama Iron-Cobras. I
own one of these too.

Well, in the past, as it came from
the manufacturer, I found that
pedal had too much play. To-
night, I took the spring off the
pedal and replaced it with a
much heavier gauge altern-
ative and what I found, you
really have to try out.

You need the beater back from
the surface of the head faster.
This can help to the trick, if
you are not satisfied with it.

I was well over 200bpm, with
good clean double-strokes,
using the spring. I did have
to adjust the beater distance
to the head but am VERY, VERY
pleased with the outcome.

Check it out, guys! Really!

To Virgil,
A Drummer Who is Changing the World
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