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Pasic clinic/concert

Out of all the legends and heroes(The one's I saw) who preformed at pasic last week Virgil was the only one who really delivered(Purdie was supposedly awesome to but due to circumstances out of my hands I missed that one.=(

Virgil started of by playing the orchestral stuff which, while impressing, I found to be terrible music. It was merely a tool to showcase incredible polyrytmics. And what was with the string sounds? I know you could never get a real orchestra to play that but seriously... There has got to be better sequenser sonds than that. Just awful.
Still... I was impressed with how he managed all that without a click track(Even though he fumbled a few times. But still good to know he's human right... hihi).

As the song finnished he ripped straight into why I came, the soloing. Even though the crowd felt a bit off(for some reason) Virgil still came through and did an exellent show. The mark of a true performer.
He displayed his whole array of chops, techniques and amazing beats. He played for about fifteen minutes and then proceded to, barely out of breath explain a handout on some of his independense exercises.

Most of it involved parradiddles between the feet and the hands. One example showing a single parradiddle between the right hand and right foot while playing a double parradiddle between Lh Lf.

I wouldn't go so far as caling this a clinic seeing how virgil just played for most of it but I certainly didn't mind. I left the room feeling very empty. It wasn't an all pleasant feeling. I felt slightly raped to be honest. Pumelled through my brain.

Btw? Did anyone see Steve Smith on the last day? That guy is awesome. I wasn't so impressed with his clinic but the stuff he did with Buddy's buddies was just awesome. Especially the Hi-hat solo. I've never been that much of a circus fan but that stuff just had me laughing aloud.

If anyone caught the Malmoe percussion ensemble from sweden you heard me play too by the way. =) I highly doubt you drumset nerds did though.

I'm sorry for notr being so detailed on exactly what Virgil played but if you have any questions about the clinicI'd be happy to answer them.
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