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stick suggestion


Can someone suggest a drumstick to me based upon experience, and these details.
I love the feel of the weckls signature sticks (evolution) but its glossy finish makes it hard to hold when I sweat. So far I'm using the 55A really awesome stick but I want something thicker. My all times favorite stick used to be the sd2 in hickory from promark but I decided I wanted something with more length.
So basically I'm looking for a stick thicker than the 55A not much longer than 16in and something that has thins off at the taper/neck like an sd2 (starts out at the but at .635 and becomes alot thinner at the neck) this quick/thin taper makes the sticks comfortable and makes even thick sticks feel pretty quick. I've tried 2b's but they are usually thick all the way up and dont have that kinda taper. I've steered away from vater as many of their stick have a weird feel almost like top heavy.
Any suggestions?
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