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The Axis A is the Bently, Lamborghini, Ferrari, Porche, Rolls Royce, etc, etc... of pedals in my book. Perhaps there's something out there better, but I know I haven't found it at this time. The pedal is expensive and worth every penny! It takes some work to get it adjusted like you want, but really, in my book, all good things require some work effort on our part. In the end, the rewards are that much greater.

For me, there was no getting used to it over time. Once I got my settings dialed in and took off the hammers, the ride was all downhill from there. A piece of cake!

Of course it feels different, BETTER is different!

I'm a pretty open minded person when it comes to these kinds of things, but the Axis A has won me over to an extreme where I feel way over the top satisfied. I own and have used some great pedals, but nothing I've ever had or used in the past comes close to this unit... I don't have an endorsement deal (I wish), I have nothing to gain from saying this except the fact of knowing that the persons that aquire this piece has the best damn kick pedal on the planet, bar none!

Thank you and good night!

"Give The Drummer Some"
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