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Originally Posted by Derek Roddy
Axis isn't a pedal that you "play", it's a pedal that you "control"! there's a big difference. i think, that's why so many drummers have a hard time adjusting to them. until you realize the potiential of controling rather than struggling to play something, you'll never be happy with them. they sure take getting use to though. LOL.

I've heard a lot of people say this... And I'm not saying that it's wrong because I'm sure that for them, this was the case. But for me, it wasn't. It was more a project of working with the adjustments on the pedal. After that there was nothing I needed to get used to, I felt right at home with it.

With all my other pedals, it was always just a matter of taking them out of the box, adjusting the springs, hooking them to the drum and playing them. This doesn't work for the Axis. It's a pedal that requires some kid gloves and loving hands. Right out of the box, it's crap! Once you get it fine tuned to the way you like it though, WATCH OUT!

What concerns me about the 'X' is you don't have as many of the adjustment options as the 'A'. So like Derek said, You get it and then don't like the way it feels,,,, Oh well...

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