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The sabian chat with Virg

It was nice to see some of you guys over I was was 6:30 in the morning when i hit the sacks.
I was a bit disappoited with some guys became a fight over stupid questions.

(sorry if I seem pissed off but i WAS)
I mean here we have 2 hours worth of quality time with Virg, and then some just waste it on nonsense like...well i wont even go into details....just a bit sad that some questions were THAT lame.... I mean a guy like Kirk were waiting for 35 minutes and his questions drowned in ****.... Really Kirk you deserved some answers to your well thought-out questions. (BTW let me just thank Kirk for his overall attitude and style...yeah!)
I can tell you that Virgil is doing great and is happy with his current projects, namely Freakhouse, the Book, new ROF album and so on.
sabian could have moderated this chat much much better i think....
But nice to see so many people there after all. Justlikerock and Kyrah...nice to see some girls here!!

IŽll go practice now.....
Take care all!!!
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