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Question Your Dream Kit

(I think there should be a whole program that exists for the sole purpose of diagraming drumsets, with photographs of every kind of drum and cymbal, angle representation, and all that. I can't believe the time I waste on that DW kit builder. But anyway...)

Post your ideal drumkit specs and/or a diagram. (Or, if you're happy with your kit, post pics. Note that I'll probably want to shoot you if this is the case. )

Here's mine.

Realistically, I'd go with pearl export drums. But I dream of masterworks, with gold hardware, and something comparable to that finish, there. I'm still way up in the air about what cymbals I want, but I know it's always been a fantasy of mine to have sabian's swiss-cheese inspired ozone crash on the right, like Weckl.

*smacks forehead* I'm such a nerd...
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