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Originally Posted by frank
I voted for OTV!! I just can't get enough of that album, where as Moonbabies tends to kinda bore me after 100000 listens. I can never get enough of OTV. I think this is because OTV is more diverse than Moonbabies. Other than that, I LOVE The Moon is Falling from Joel Hoekstra, but it's not 'progressive' enough for me. (That Hoekstra name is not hard for me to pronounce at all! It's a very common name here in Holland! )
And the other albums are great too, pure genius!!! But I don't dig them as much as the previous mentioned albums...!

That's a Dutch name? so how do you pronounce it ? I HAVE to know finally !!

Well, like I mentioned before, I also LOVE the moon is falling, but what about Undefined? It's not as good, but also killer i think! At least some Donati playing. Most of the songs are not THAT great I think.
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