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Pyramids on Perth

Hi guys,

I saw Virg and the guys in Perth last night, needless to say they were incredible. The highlight of the show was "Pyramids on Mars". This was just amazing. I wasn't sure what Virg was playing when he played the intro on kick, but then in came the toms and that awesome groove. This song was just awesome, the middle section from about two minutes was so beautiful. Tony's solo was , and Rufus had a cool solo as well. Steve's keys were perfect for the song.

This was the only "On the Virg" they played. I would have loved to hear more, but then it's good to get new songs as well. Seriously guys, just wait until you hear these guys play On the Virg stuff. As much as I love the cd band, this is so new and refreshing to hear T-Mac's take on the guitar, added bass solos etc.

They opened with the opener from the AUDW. This isn't in order, but some of the rest of the songs ...
Nothing Personal (incredible fusion drumming)

Virg was playing a red masterworks kit I think, minus the air toms and I think maybe minus some cymbals, but I'm not sure about that.

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