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COOL! Planet X news.

I just read this statement at Allan Holdsworth forum from Derek Sherinian regarding Planet X.

Posted: Mon May 02, 2005 12:53 pm Post subject:


[quote="glib"]Well then Derek, can you tell us anything related to the touring side of PX
once this album is released.

It is our hope that once we complete the recording, that Allan will want to play shows with us. I already have been guaranteed a spot on the Montreal Jazz Festival in 2006 for "Planet X Featuring Allan Holdsworth" .

The synergy between Allan and PX will open up many new festival doors, maybe including a long awaited G3 tour.

My dream is to play the material on this upcoming record, some past PX material, and Holdsworth solo material.

But first, we must complete this record!


Amazing news if it comes to past, let us hope so.

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