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Now 17 years sounds more
like it. You look so young in
that photo or maybe I look
so old in mine...

You are excellent, Fede and
I look forward to hearing
everything that you should
do in the future.

I'm mostly self-taught myself.
It can happen that younger
drummers can find the most
comfortable approach to their
kit, on their own, inspired by
themselves and this can be a
good thing.

There's nothing like being "made
to do something". It can become
a destructive thing, not to ment-
ion a self invalidatory precedent
in one's, which can start a neg-
ative chain of events.

I was fortunate to have a number
of lessons as well as "lessons"
with some great drummers. I
try to seek them out these days,
when I have the chance.

Forums like these make it a lot
easier to do this and the truth
is you can learn a lot from just
talking to different players.

I appreciate your sharing and
always look forward to your

The music, first!

You do it, Fede!
To Virgil,
A Drummer Who is Changing the World
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