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Yes, they do. In the old days,
they were ALWAYS used. It's
best utilized for trad. I prefer
matched, having switched
from trad, after 25 years.

I tell drummers that if trad
were best, we'd be utilizing it
on both hands. That's hardly
ever seen, except for show.

Of course, I don't want to
start a war about trad versus
non. Everybody will make their
choice and for their reasons.

Don't get me wrong. A LOT
of players are using it but
Virgil himself said it in that
chat from earlier this year.

If you play trad, you will do
better, getting rimshots, with
a tilt away from you.

As for why trad started to
fade, it has to do with what
it was like when drummers
marched before armies. It's
hard to walk, with a drum
parallel and in front of you.

They used to play on their
sides. That hand had an easy
time striking it but the oppos-
ing hand had a ***** of a
time and thus, the trad
method of playing the snare.

Whatever feels comfortable
and whatever gets the job
done better. That's what I
suggest. Good luck.
To Virgil,
A Drummer Who is Changing the World
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