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A message to Nevesis:

It has recently come to someone’s attention that you are writing quite disturbing comments about them over the internet on various “drumming” forums in which he has become quite concerned about.

“I have come to know this forum as the most critical when it comes to drummers and drumming in general. Which is a good thing!”, so you say Nevesis...

No, unfortunately this is not a good thing. You certainly have the wrong ideals about music and drumming, it is most certainly not a good thing that we can so easily criticize others for their skills and abilities. As musicians, (not only as drummers) it is much easier to blatantly condemn another person rather than assess and focus on our own downfalls, something in which you are obviously extremely good at. Music is about respecting and understanding another’s gift, even if it is not what your personal tastes desire.

When the person in question read the comments you wrote about him, he was not upset nor was he insulted. In actual fact, he found it remarkably complimentary that you would even put his name and that of another drummer who is of such an iconic state in the same sentence, especially in comparison. What he actually did was chuckle and furthermore ask himself, “what makes such an insignificant person who is obviously so terribly insecure about themselves and their drumming say such things about another person that they have never seen, met, or even spoken to before, when they certainly have no right to do so?” So he asks you, “what gives you the right to say such ridiculous things?

The person in question doesn’t care who you think you are within the drumming community (obviously nobody nevertheless) but he is quite distressed knowing that you (and others like yourself) are out there; you should be ashamed to call yourself a drummer.

Finally, the person in question has been drumming a hell of a lot longer than you, he was playing drums while you were still sucking on your dummy as a baby, he has much more experience than you, he has studied with the best, (including the drummer you so personally compared him with), he was even previously awarded as the up and coming drummer competition winner in Australia, he has the praise of the best, (including the drummer you so eloquently compared him to), and yes, that particular drummer has seen and heard the person in question play, in numerous one-on-one private lessons in fact, and never did he receive any comments even close to the things you say about him, never! In fact, the drummer you compared the person in question to was quite complimentary and had some very kindly things to say about his playing and his ability...

While you sit on your computer and go from forum to forum criticizing others and making videos of yourself in your basement the person in question will be out in the real world focusing on what’s really important, so please take your pessimistic, unsubstantiated, immature, egotistical and down-right ludicrous crusades of ignorance elsewhere.

Enough said!
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