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Yes he is good that is not the point, be yourself is the point. He is not in Virgil's league, so why as I said mirror yourself that much to someone else while not acheiving the same level technically and creatively, what do you have to show that is YOUR OWN, not much. We can all cop lick's after awhile but we have to create an identity. Jonberg's clip showed at times a strong influence coming from Virg and Vinnie but he established his own identity at the same time. In the clip he(Daniel) played certain lick's but NOT with the same complexity or power or speed or dexterity or groove and it was very repetitive, yes VERY good but it is just copying the same lick's and not doing it as well. I am still looking for an original identity. I have seen guy's play JUST like Weckl(and play VERY well) as far as copping the same lick's and pattern's and Vinnie also but not doing it AS well and it does nothing for me why because the original IS BETTER! Again the point is not the ability(Daniel is Very talented) FEW if any have the same overall ability as Virg or Vinnie but when you take the influences and make yourself(your own identity) that SHINES through bright and clear and the fact that you are not as technically able does not matter nearly as much.
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