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i still can't believe it..

its like...

he even looks a bit like virgil...

and all the excercises on his site are typed out exactly in virgils style...

his kit is setup exactly like virgil except in left handed style.

sorry.. this is just my opinion.... not saying that it's a bad thing or anything, but i've always believed that having your own spin in your playing is important.. basing your chops on other's chops is fine because learning from mentors is important... but becoming an exact clone or wanting to become a clone is not a good thing IMO. you really gotta play it your way, or play your own interpretation of it... i don't admire drummers that just regurgitate other drummer's chops... especially when they ALL belong to the same drummer.

he is a hell of a good drummer.... it takes skill to learn virgil's chops.... i admit that.
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