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Upcoming happenings for Winter NAMM 2005...

The 2005 Winter NAMM is quickly approaching (January 20-23, 2005) at the Anaheim Convention Center and Virgil will be performing at the Pearl Booth and possibly at another unconfirmed show. Stay tuned for more.

Virgil's long awaited OTV/PX transcription book will be released in time for the show courtesy of Warner Music. The title will be: "Virgil Donati Ultimate Play Along (featuring tracks from On The Virg & Planet X.)". The fully transcribed drum tracks are as follows:

Planet X
Inside Black

On The Virg
Invasion of the Ants
Native Metal
Alien Hip-Hop
Pyramids on Mars

Finally, a few dates at the Baked Potato has been added for the month of December! Click here to check it out.
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