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I answer these posts because the pedals
have become so important to me, since I
have come to know Virgil. You see, I'm
still new to the concept too.

Yes, they ARE expensive and that sucks.
I don't usually talk about it but being an
analyst gives me the inside view on the
exchange rate and yes, you are right -
with the rates as they are now, it's so
hard for our European brothers to get
along. It's just ridiculous!

My advice is to use Eliminators, with red
and blue cams, until you can get these
rates under control BUT see if these Boa
pedals don't provide us with a real alter-
native. The design looks as though it offers
a universal cam. We will see. I hope things
change. I am also hoping that we see a
new direct-drive pedal from Pearl but I
have not heard anything yet.

Thanks, for the info, Brobjer. Really apprec-
ite hearing your approach with them.

To Virgil,
A Drummer Who is Changing the World
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