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morgenthaler 06-24-2003 12:35 PM

Hey all! I was just payed a visit from our Norwegian friend Holand from this very board! Extremely nice guy I must say. We had time to grab ourselves a beer and discuss Virgil and his uncanny drumming! I would love to meet others from this board outside cyberspace. Holand (or Magne, which is his first name) is in Denmark for the Roskilde Festival (with a capacity crowd around 70.000 people!!) and since Roskilde is just next to Copenhagen it was just obvious that he stopped by! Anybody else would be more than welcome any time!
Great to meet some Virgil fans!!

jonberg 06-25-2003 03:28 AM

I might come to denmark sometime this summer...I let you know if I do. It would be very fun to talk with other Virgil-fans!!

morgenthaler 06-25-2003 03:39 AM

And you will be more than welcome!
My e-mail is in your personal messages.....

jagdkommando 06-25-2003 07:39 AM

For my case (I'm from Austria) it depends on work and Virgil's tourdates. But I want to meet Jimi somewhere on a gig in Europe (Virgil gig of course) ... maybe we can meet all together ... would be very cool.

Moreover I'll be Assistant at the University beginning with October. Then I sometimes have to travel to Germany ... then maybe I'll come close to Denmark and we can drink some beer :)

kirk 06-25-2003 10:24 AM

Would really enjoy the oppurtunity to hang out with all you guys in Europe(and in the states too), of course at a setting like a Planet X concert or a Virgil clinic would be the ultimate for all of us to get together but it probaly is not going to happen any time soon. Maybe I can get my wife to take a trip over one day soon(to Europe):rolleyes: hey but you never know I am sure it will happen down the road.;)

Take it easy
Best regards Kirk

jimi 06-25-2003 12:05 PM

Definitely, i just mentioned to frank there about me and jagdkommando wanting to meet up at one of Virg's next european dates. Maybe a good couple of us could agree on a gig to go to and meet up before the gig for beer, maybe virg will join us too (just water though for you Virg!:D)

Holand 07-05-2003 03:57 PM

Hi Everyone.
I'm finally back in Norway now and I just wanted to say that the festival was a total success.
I had a great time listening to a lot of cool bands and drinking loads of beer. :)

Thanks for a great couple of hours and a nice tour around the store. It was really great meeting someone whose interrests were so similar to mine. We could probably have chatted for several hours (maybe days?). well well... I'll be back some day, and then the beer's on me. :)

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