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Phantom Savage 12-17-2003 05:36 PM

Clear Channel roams everything
They take over certain channels on TV, & make them the clearest channels even without cable, same with the radio, the radio stations you can easily pick up is clear channel, clear channel sets up gigs in famous places; Clear Channel knows nothing & shows nothing but generic & mainstream stuff!!! You don't hear great musicians on the radio, you hear the generic & mainstream stuff, you don't hear much of Marty Friedman, Virgil Donati, Ron & Bob Jarzombek, Paul Gilbert, Yngwie Johann Malmsteen, Jason Becker, etc. . . this is why people hardly know about other bands & musicians, Clear Channel only shows what's new &/or famous. . . they provide people what to hear instead of people hearing what they wanna hear!!!

That's why I don't listen to the radio anymore, it's all the same, & people are growing into what they hear on the radio, & only listening to the bands they hear on the radio without getting out more, & they tell me to get out more!!!

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