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quitou 10-31-2003 06:16 PM

Tommy Aldridge
Anybody here seen Tommy Aldridge???? He's doing a clinic here on Monday....I've never seen him play nor heard him play before....from what I understand he's just a hard core rocker....anybody have some details about him and his playing????

peter 10-31-2003 08:03 PM

He's a great rock drummer
with solid double-kick and
twirling technique. Check
him out. A great showman.

alencore 11-01-2003 04:03 AM

I love his playing on Ozzy Ozbourne stuff especially that Randy Rhoads era. A very powerful drummer indeed. his 16th note flurries and the way he solo over it is nothing but classic stuff. Man this guy is really old though.

Milo Porto 11-01-2003 11:58 AM

Tommy of the greats in word to describe his playing...POWERFUL!! ;)

rcmedia 11-26-2003 12:52 PM

I saw Tommy at this year's Montreal Drum Festival (*I also saw him twice in the 80's with Whitesnake) and he is probably the most solid and powerful drummer I have ever seen in my life.

Drumblast 12-02-2003 10:14 PM

I saw Tommy with Pat Travers in 78 opening for Bob Seger. Killer show, my parents dropped my brother and i(6th graders) off alone thinking it was Pete Seger the folk guy.

Anyway, they played Boom Boom Out Go the Lights. What a killer tune. And Pat Travers announced Tommys drum solo "The best drummer in the F****G world, Tommy Aldridge!"

I was like" Wow, he said the F word!"
Back in the day it really meant something.

And Tommy proceded to play bare handed on the drums---outrageous!

DavidPartay 12-02-2003 10:50 PM

I've seen Tommy's video. It was good ;)

rcmedia 12-04-2003 10:11 PM

Tommy Aldridge
Yeah... this brings back some killer drumming memories from the 80's.
I got Tommy's 'Double Bass Drums & Rock Soloing' (DCI) video when it first came out (somewhere around 1986) and I was in shock.
Up to that point I'd never really seen anybody open up on the double kicks like that... or phrase like that in rock drumming.
I had already been playing for about 8 years at that point, but not like that!

It changed my life forever.

vdreignsuponus1 12-13-2003 02:15 PM

yeah, he did drum for whitesnake for a while. hes a damn good rock drummer and in my oppinion the best yamaha user out there!

PotaterHead 12-14-2003 11:40 AM

Tommy Aldridge
I saw TA at a clinic in Baltimore MD several years ago. He was probably the hardest hitting drummer I've ever seen, and also the loudest. He was very entertaining to watch. For the majority of his clinic he played along to some pre-recorded tracks (mostly hard rock/heavy metal instrumental tracks).

The only other thing I remember is that he made SEVERAL "politically incorrect" statements about gay folks, which was pretty weird. He kept referring to one particular drum pattern (like the drums in Sunday Bloody Sunday by U2, that 16th notes on the hi-hat thing) as a "homo beat."

Other than that, he was pretty good. Not the greatest drummer ever, but a hell of a lot better than me, so I was entertained and learned a few things.

PotaterHead 12-14-2003 11:41 AM

Yamaha users
Originally posted by vdreignsuponus1
yeah, he did drum for whitesnake for a while. hes a damn good rock drummer and in my oppinion the best yamaha user out there!

Best Yamaha user??? What about Anton Fig or Dave Weckl??? Tommy's OK, but he's not even in the same league. Just my opinion.

quitou 12-14-2003 01:38 PM

I think I have to agree with PotaterHead on this one....although Aldridge is a very good, intense player, he is no where near the class of a guy like Dave Weckl. And, guys like Akira Jimbo, Steve Gadd and I think even Billy Cobham are Yamaha endorsees....

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