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Matthias 04-02-2008 08:25 AM

Man, that is an old thread:D!! Well, my kit:

Mapex Orion Coffee Burst
22x20 bd
10x8, 12x9, 14x14, 16x16 toms (two floor toms)
14x5.5 Black Panther Birdseye Maple Snare
14x5.5 Black Panther Kung Fu Steel Special Edition Snare

and some cowbells and stuff.

Cymbals: All Sabian

AAXplosion 15" Crash
HHX 16" Stage Crash
HHXtreme 16" Crash
HHXtreme 18" Crash
HHX Evolution 14" HiHats
HHX Groove Ride 21"
HHX Evolution 18" O-Zone Crash
HHX 10" Splash
AAX Portnoy Sig. Splash

cjcdrums 04-03-2008 02:34 AM

Originally Posted by electrizer
I thought I'd contribute ;)

Sonor 3005 Autumn Fade + Sonor Hardware 400 Series (mostly)

10" tom
12" tom
13" tom
14" tom
16" floor tom
22" bass drum
14" x 5,5" snare
13" x 3" piccolo snare (by Pearl)

16" crash
18" crash
20" china (not in the pictures)
20" ride
10" splash
13" hihat
14" hihat

+ throne + me :D

Your kit's sexy, its set up just like mine!

cetu 04-10-2008 01:37 PM

wwwoooowww its all awesome guys,acktually yam so gaelous to all of you guys,you have everythink you need or want,y mean is all of your drum and simbal,and very very hopely in the future y will have one of yours guys,thanx alot,and hopely you'll will be my friend here...

pearl_drummer 04-11-2008 03:46 PM

So here's my set-up

Drums spec : Pearl Masters BSX Red Glass finish
22x18 kick
14x5 Reference snare
10x8 tom
12x9 tom
14x11 tom
16x14 tom (not on the pictures)

Sabian HH reg 14 Hats
Sabian AA reg 14 Hats
Sabian HHXtreme 18 Crash
Sabian Vault 20 Crash
Istanbul Mehmet Med-Thin 18 Crash
Sabian HH Leopard 22 Ride
Sabian Sign. Devastation 17 Chinese
Sabian HHX Evolution 12 Splash
Wuhan 16 China + Zildjian Trashformer 14 (used as Spock)

Spare cymbals :
Sabian Signature Fierce 21 Ride
Sabian Prototype Saturation 14 Hats
Sabian AA mini hats 10
Sabian Vault 18 Crash
Sabian HH 18 Thin Crash
Sabian AAXtreme 17 Chinese
Sabian HHX Evolution 10 Splash
Sabian AAX 6-8 Splash
Sabian Signature Alien Disc 10

DW 5000 double pedal, DW 9000 hi-hat stand, Pearl D-1000sp Throne
DW + Pearl cymbal stands
These are some old pics, I'll take some new soon !!!

drummerking 08-15-2010 09:01 AM

YAMAHA oak wood custom
8" tom
10" tom
12" flourtom
20" bass
12" snare
toms and cymbals and flourtom are on a dw rack

karnevil9uk 08-27-2010 01:04 AM

Drum set up
Well, I'm upgrading soon but my early Pearl shells have done me proud, as I used them for recording the new GODSTICKS album 'Spiral Vendetta'.

Set up for recording was:

10" Tama timpani tom
Pearl Export shells (early 80s)
14x6.5 Pearl Dennis Chambers snare (gold)
10x5 Pearl Firecracker s/steel

8" UFIP class splash
10" UFIP class splash
19" UFIP class crash
16" Sabian XXplosion crash
13" Sabian AA regular hats
14" TRX alt hats
18" UFIP natural china
12" Wuhan mini china

Evans EC2s on all toms, EMAD on bass drum & Remo coated Ambassadors on the snares.

You can hear some of the tracks here: Godsticks on Myspace

Will be upgrading to Pearl Masters Premium soon with (probably) a Virgil Donati sig snare.



karnevil9uk 09-08-2010 04:09 AM

Just got the Pearl VG1450 snare :) to add to the team!

lencoo12 09-26-2010 03:05 PM

Originally Posted by Holand
TAMA StarClassic

toms 10x8, 12x10, 15x13 (all rack toms)
snare 14x6,5
bassdrum 20x17

My aux snare is an old ludwig tom customised into a 12x3,5
lovely sounding soprano. Looks great too with transparent
blue shell and black hardware.:)

My cymbals are mainly Sabian including:
14" AA rock hihats (left)
13" AAX stage hihats (right)
17" AAXplotion crash
18" AAX stage crash
20" AAX China*
22" HH powerbell ride*
10" inverted splash (once a 14" PRO studio crash)

My setup also include:
8" Splash Istanbul Sultan series
10" splash Zildjian A custom platinum*
14" China Istanbul Natural series*
16" China Wuhan
18" Crash Turcish Moderate series
21" Ride Istanbul Natural series (I switch between this and the Powerbell)

* currently hanging on the wall

Iron Cobra Twin pedal

i need some pics on my site cuz i cant upload them here
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