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ModernDrummer 09-27-2003 07:02 AM

To Virgil!!! (About Virgil's solos)
Since i started drumming, about a year and a half ago, i used to download those short sample videos from modern drummer festivals and shows, and listen to planet X's atlantis trilogy at my teachers house.....
I kinda like always listened to you as a drummer, something that as far as i know, starts later for most of the drummers.
It doesn't mean i knew what you did there or could tell how good you are, something i think i can tell now.
But even when i didn't know you're doubling 32nd notes on 2-2 strokes switching legs every 3rd bar with double paradiddle on 2 hi hats and a snare every 3rd 16th note with lots and lots of ghost notes, i still could LOVE the way you play!
The Musicality (does this word exist?.. it does now! :) no rules in music... right? ;) ).... i was actually excited from the way you play and what you play even though i didn't know what the hell were you doing....
And i always tried to do similar thing on my set...
I hold my assault in the traditional grip and did those moves with the head and tried to play what i heard in your solos...
(today too, but today i know what i'm doing :) )
And the question that always had been bothering me was-
do you WRITE the whole solo, or do you come up with things in the middle of the solo when you perform, or do you use both on the same time? or spread both on the whole solo?

If you can answer, Virgil, my appreciation to you will be above the sky... and if someone that know the answer can answer- appreciation is promised.

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