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JMag44 01-11-2005 06:05 PM

OTV guitar transcription?
First of all, I am not a drummer and mainly a lurker on this board, but as a musician Im still blown away by the genious that is Virg and all that he touches. I check here daily to soak up any drum knowledge or download any clips you guys post...I was particularly impressed by the clip jonberg recently posted.

Second, how good is OTV?!?, I FINALLY got my copy and it has to be one of the best progressive albums Ive ever heard. How about a reunion? Does the Virgil Donati Band play any of those tunes?...that would be wild.

What I really want to know is if anyone knows if there are guitar transcriptions of this fine album anywere out there. I got the album a couple of weeks ago and have worked my way through most of the songs but there are a few parts that are going to take some time.

There is really some great writing/composing and guitar work by Simon and TJ (and of course brilliant drumming) and I have had an absolute blast listening to and jamming with this CD and Im sure you all agree!


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