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dbcooper 06-18-2004 03:11 PM

buddy rich's hand technique
i saw buddy playing a solo on the buddy rich memorial collection video that has dave,viinie,steve,dennis,louie and greg bissonette on.when i first saw the tape when buddy was soloing i thought buddy was using double's to play that fast on the snare.a few years later i was watching the video and i realized they were singles and it totally blew my mind how fast he was playing.he was accenting with his right hand and moving the sticks across the snare drum for a different sounds.then he really blew my mind and i would like to know if you guys can tell me how to get that technique.he kicked it into like super overdrive the sticks were moving using only his fingers in both hands tradational grip, he had a very pronouced fulcrum between the thumb and the first finger and the sticks and they went up and down with his palms facing down.smith and weckl espeacially now reccomened a loose grip between the the middle finger thumb and first finger but they always say to turn your hands up in the french type grip to use your fingers but buddy never did that.he did it in two short bursts were the stick speed was really amazing.has anyone else seen this clip?

Lad. 06-19-2004 11:00 AM

No clue, but I am intrigued by this, how do you say...technique.
I'd really like to know how it's done as well.

alencore 06-19-2004 12:00 PM

all drummers for once in their lifetime will view such videos or clips and be in pure awe how amazing buddy was not just those fast single strokes but how musical and swingin he made his band sounds.

in terms of how he pull it off on those fast singles well, in my own observations its a combination of wrist, fingers and some forearm control. buddy was known for his amazing left hand technique now trying to decipher that is quite tasking or it might stir another war between match and traditional grippers...LOL. so i'll just try post a short video of his left hand zoomed in during one of his speedy single rolls. i'll post it soon. unless someone knows suchs buddy rich vid on the net.

Lad. 06-19-2004 09:11 PM

Did he sell his soul to be the best drummer of all time?

dbcooper 06-20-2004 05:41 AM

it was pure fingers the technique,you have to watch the video to see it and underdstand was the right hand where you could see it the best.just imagine a seesaw.the stick was lick seesawing if that was only a word between the fulcrum.i have never seen anyone else do it and i've watched all the greats.the wrists were stiff and you could see buddy was using pure fingers.

alencore 06-20-2004 10:52 AM

yeah he was playing since childhood and doesn't even read charts or whatsoever. it was pure talent and overwhelming dedication.

drumstickmafia 07-18-2004 06:47 PM

A part of me want to say that a lot of the things people say about buddy are bull****..such as he never practied or had any fromal trainning. I know a part of his chops did come from him being a tap dancer when he was younger...but thats just his feet. You can't just magically have awsome chops from not practicing....unless he did sell his soul to lucifer for his abilities :D .

GreenPremier 08-02-2004 10:40 PM

He practiced to get good, then he never practiced once he was good...and for his hands he played on a pillow to work on his chops, alot. The thing abot him never practice was only true AFTER he got to his ability level. It'd be like Virg not practicing now, and saying he never practices...he got to his level and quit..the same thing.

Johnny 08-03-2004 08:05 AM

He practiced.

peter 08-03-2004 09:59 AM

I have quite a few videos of Buddy. He's basically
German grip - palms down and with a lot of skin
contact. He was masterful.

One of the drummers that have tred to emulate
that type of approach is Carl Palmer and also has
lightning singles.

To get here, you have to do alots of accenting
and on both sides. You can do it.

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