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stabwound 12-02-2005 01:22 PM

usa version is red and uk and europe is black (as shown on the vruk europe part website

are your screw heads the same size as drum lug screw heads (shown I my pic of a drum key, vruk screw and drum lug screw).

does your vruk feel like a heelboard in response to heel up and down movement (shown on website)......does it differ in feel when only finger tight and slipping?

i cant start to use this if i cant set it up sequrely to the pedal.....i think the screws are the only problem but i cant be shure

which sets of holes do you use securing it (does it matter) inside pair, centre pair or outside pair?

do i need replacement screws and if so where do i get them?

peter 12-02-2005 02:10 PM


My screws are longer lug screws that go into
a plate, underneath the footboard, squeezing
the footboard between the attachment and plate.

I think it will be hard getting replacements but
you might as well e-mail Vuk and see if he will
help OR go to the hardware store and have
some lug screws cut to size, if they fit the
thread. That might work.

The attachment has to be very tightly secured
for you to be able to use it.

I use the outside holes, so as not to damage the
footboard in any way. I also powerdrilled the
screws tight. Keep a cordless by the kit.

stabwound 12-03-2005 04:54 AM

hey peter
i got another drum key and it seems to work and has attached the screws on (i donno why the pearl keys didnt work but whatever).

the thing im 100% sure about still is the feel of the vruk attachment heel board......on the examples i seen it seems realy sensitive and acting like a board and mine is but....emmm i mean on yours do you have to push it until the point of the spring colapsing for it to move the beater.....i donno maybe its just me and i have hardley used it so i cant judge it at all.....its great being able to start on it not though. i have learnt to do simple doubles on it with each foot (but not continuous). just real simple stuff like two doubles on each foot together for the bit in the song hourglass.

hey peter....what are you supposed to play do vruk/ heel toe in a solid single stroke sound. is it doubles with each foot (rh,rt,lh,lt etc) or (rh,lh,rt,lt etc)

i also feel more comforatable leading with my left but am right footed so i donno if that would be a bad habbit not leading with my right.

thanks for your replys by the way.....hey what do you think of it a good tool in your experience and how do you use it?

any advice to starting would be great....cheers

peter 12-03-2005 07:13 PM


I liked it, at first but as I am primarily a heel-down
player, I did respond to it like most heel-up players
seem to. At this time, I do not use them. I have
Axis-A's and am very happy, with them.

I also have Eliminators and I am happy with them
too. They feel the best, with Axis A's, in my opinion.

Tim is a great resource on these attachments too.
Perhaps he'll chime in.

On the heel portion of the attachment, you really
need that 'spring' of the rubber, I think.

stabwound 12-04-2005 05:29 AM

i play mostley heel down as well, i find however that power, enjourence and consistency with the music i play (heavy/death metal) is absolutely esential. and heel down for me isnt the ideal solution. i will stil go back to play heel down but i need another technique and i think the vruk is just that. the axis a for me are too expensive and i cant test them or buy them in this country (if i can its online only).

as for the rubber spring it is esential as without it the vruk would'nt work properly but i mean the vruk grip pad for the toe i got. but ill experiment with settings to see which suits me better.

thanks so much for your replys and good luck in the future

peter 12-05-2005 09:20 AM

Well, then you will have to investigate it, more.

I would look at getting Tim's DVD to get his perspective.

VoodooDrummer 12-20-2005 12:39 AM

Peter could you post a picture of the spacers installed?

Originally Posted by peter

I just installed the spacers.

three of them on (the max) and
it's just a world of a difference!

peter 12-20-2005 12:57 AM

Here's a photo:

VoodooDrummer 12-20-2005 10:35 AM

Are they round, or square?

peter 12-20-2005 10:41 AM

Sort of rectangular, Voo. The dimensions are
somewhere in this thread or another one around
here. Type Spacers into the SEARCH.

peter 01-05-2006 12:00 PM

Just got my pedals back from Darryl. He
made an angle adjustment on the beater.
I duped it, on the other. I like it.

I can't wait for the Uni-Clamp.

STAVROPOULOS 01-05-2006 02:08 PM

peter could you please tell me what the Uni-clamp is?Unfortunately i haven't bought the pedals yet,but i think that by the end of the month i'll have em,so is this a feature that will be developed on a forthcoming new series of the Axis pedals?I mean shall i wait for it?
Sorry if this sounds like a silly question,but the Greeks do not name the parts on the drums the same like Americans do!:D

peter 01-05-2006 02:18 PM

The Uni-Clamp is used to change the
beater angle on the side of axle-rod.

Right now, the Axis pedals are clamped
down, using Allen-screws.

The uni-Clamp design is found on other
pedals, like the Yamaha and Pearl. With
the simple turn of a drumkey, they come
loose and it's easy to change the angle
and there are more options.

The Axis are harder to change because
of that design. Not horrible but I just
think it's a better design to go with the
Uni's, allowing for the quickest change.

Look at this image:

It's on the left of the axle, depicted here.
I am sure you have seen them before.
They call it the Uni-Pressure Spring
Clamp. Yamaha also uses it. It is super-
ior, for certain.

Tommy G. 01-27-2006 06:49 PM

how are you? It's been a long time since I posted something.
i was just wondering what you heard from axis regarding that uniclamp? as in WHEN!!!
my machine shop guy made some nice modifications to my longboard hihat and he's coming over next week because i have a few ideas about the bass pedals as well. the uniclamp is at the top of my list. i'm sure he can make me a couple.

by the way, i just purchased 2 of the gibraltar old style felt (actually danmar) beaters last week and i am loving them! the weight distribution seems to be just right for regular playing and fast heel/toe doubles - not to mention the bass drums sound a little warmer. no more pearl quads.

peter 01-27-2006 08:18 PM

Hey, Tommy! Nice to see you, again!!

Listen! I am interested in that Uni-Clamp,
if he comes up with them first.

Darryl was not specific as to when but
hinted that it was in the nearer future.

Keep me up on that.

Also, if you can, post pix of the Gibraltor
beaters you found.

Great, seeing you!


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