View Full Version : Ring of Fire - Behind the scenes in the studio

03-11-2004, 01:10 PM
As with most of the ROF sessions, time was of the essence. Lot's of tracks to get through and not much time. On Invisible Man there were a few difficulties. The speed and endurance involved in the bass drum parts, and the transitions from sixteenths to sixteenth triplets. As you will see, I had about 4-5 tries at this one. I had written this tune shortly before the session, and had only run it a few days prior to the session, so it was pretty much improvised as I went along.

Here it is: Behind The Scenes look into the making of 'Invisible Man'.

<img src="images/attach/wmv.gif">Click here to view this video. (http://www.virgildonati.com/msgboard/attachments/highlight-rofstudio.wmv)