View Full Version : Massive EBay Sale - Cymbals, Hardware, Gong Drum and more!

sugar plum
07-25-2006, 09:33 AM
Hello everyone,

Iím putting some of my beloved gear up for auction on EBay.

All of these pieces have done me well over the years Ė but Iíve got some bills coming up and have no choice but to part ways with them. All of these items are in working condition, and most of the hardware items are still as reliable as the day I bought them. Hereís a preview of what I have available Ė

Avedis Zildjian 17Ē Medium Crash Cymbal Ė

Iíve only had this cymbal for a year, and I spent hours sifting through the selections before I settled on this one. Itís got a very pleasing sound, and itís seen me through a lot of work; it has absolutely no cracks or physical damage! Keep in mind, Zildjianís new product costs have gone up significantly over the last year, and what youíll end up paying for this one is a steal compared to what youíll pay for any comparable new crash cymbal.


Zildjian Z Custom Ride Cymbal Ė

This ride has a real cutting/shining bell tone. It also plays great as a crash-ride and provides lots of stick definition when playing with the bead of the drumstick. Again, it sounds just like the day I bought it (if not better!), no cracks or damage, and this is another Zildjian item youíll now be paying significantly more for if you buy new.


Gong Drum w/ Hard-shell case

Ever wanted that Ďgong drum floor tomí Mike Portnoy uses as part of his setup?

Again, you have the option of paying heavily for a comparable model from DW or TAMA, and on top of that, youíre still faced with the dilemma of how to make the thing into an actual floor tom.
With this one, all of that work is already done, and the result is a deep punchy tone like you wouldnít believe! Youíll also be getting the hard-shell case for it included. A gong drum like this by itself is already a flat-out steal at this price (as similar models in stores will cost you over $500 Ė and you donít even get a carrying case with those!).


ROCK by Gibraltar hi-hat Stand

This is a very solid, functional hi-hat stand with plenty of setup options available. A great value for anyone!



Iíve had these for a while, but Iím personally ready to move on. Theyíve been useful to me for a number of applications, and despite the mounting hardware issue, this set of 5 is still a steal by themselves Ė particularly since two of the sizes (12Ē and 14Ē) have been discontinued by Remo entirely!


Snare Drum Ė

What can I say? Itís a cheap and functioning snare drum. Run it through some studio effects and youíll be just fine!


Foot Pedal Ė

This pedal works amazingly well as a single pedal! It has a very powerful and quick response.
As mentioned, Iím also including the slave pedal you need to make this into a double pedal, but itís missing the drive shaft and a few of the spring components. It still works great as a single pedal.


DW 9700 Short-boom Cymbal Stand

This cymbal stand includes a short boom arm Ė itíll go straight or boom depending on your needs. The boom arm is a shorter-than-normal version of the standard boom arm, meaning it wonít hog up as much space within your setup. This can be especially useful when mounting things like small crashes and splash/FX cymbals. Youíll be paying at least $100 for this thing brand new, and that doesnít include sales tax or shipping. At any rate, this stand is every bit as functional anyway!


DW 9799 Cymbal Stand

This is another DW hardware item that youíll be paying for dearly when you buy it new. Itís all great hardware, and again, youíre getting my full-functioning pieces for way less. This particular item includes two cymbal clamp/boom arms mounted on the stand. As I describe on the EBay page Ė nearly all of these DW components are interchangeable and can be put together in a variety of ways.


DW 9799 Cymbal Stand (with additional 3rd arm)

This one is the same kind of stand as I just mentioned, but Iím also including a 3rd cymbal arm with his stand that can be mounted on the rear clamp of the stand. The stand is defiantly able to take the weight of it all, and again, youíll be paying dearly for stuff like this if you insist on buying brand new!


Well, thatís about it! Please feel free to post any questions you might have on the respective EBay pages so that I can answer them as quickly as possible.

Thanks everyone Ė