View Full Version : Lesson #048 - 16th Note Odd-Time Signatures (Part 2)

05-08-2006, 12:41 AM
Following on from Part 1, we continue our enterprise to further familiarize ourselves with all the beats of the 5/16 time signature.

Striving along this path will help you reach a point where you can easily feel the odd grouping, and hopefully arrive at being able to manipulate the beats as you hear them. After you have spent time in the practice room, there is no better substitute than playing with another musician, to strongly connect your practice room theory, with real life experience.

<img src="images/attach/wmv.gif">For a video demonstration, click here. (http://www.virgildonati.com/msgboard/attachments/groove-16oddtime_2.wmv)

Playing the Bass Drum in groups of 2 sixteenth notes, starting on beat 1, then beat 2, and so on.

<img src="images/!charts/groove-oddtime16-a.gif">

<img src="images/!charts/groove-oddtime16-b.gif">

<img src="images/!charts/groove-oddtime16-c.gif">

By this stage, with regular practice you will be ready to improvise with the bass drum. Following are some exercises which I've extracted from the improvised section of the video. These are groupings which I think are the most musical and interesting, and will further enchance your capabilities. In most cases I have looped these in the most logical way, although on the video example I may play some of these ideas in short, more spontaneous phrases. This bass drum pattern is a 3 note phrase - two played and one rest. It loops itself every 3 measures, however because of the expressions in the hand pattern, it will completely loop after a total of 12 measures.

<img src="images/!charts/groove-oddtime16-d.gif">

<img src="images/!charts/groove-oddtime16-e.gif">

<img src="images/!charts/groove-oddtime16-f.gif">

The bass drum now falls with the right hand hi-hat accents. This makes a good transition between the 3 note phrases, and the following 6 note phrases.

<img src="images/!charts/groove-oddtime16-g.gif">

<img src="images/!charts/groove-oddtime16-h.gif">

<img src="images/attach/wmv.gif">For a video demonstration, click here. (http://www.virgildonati.com/msgboard/attachments/groove-16oddtime_2.wmv)