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11-07-2003, 11:16 AM
Jagdkommando should be heading in his car soon, from Klagenfurt Austria, with his Girlfriend Sandy and a friend David to Brussels in Belgium. Then tomorrow, I will be getting up damn early and flying there. JGK will collect me at around lunchtime and we're going to go as early as we can to St. Niklaas and hopefully meet the V-man himself! And then hopefully chill with him before the clinic and help him set-up like jonberg, tom and jeppe did(fingers crossed:cool:)
This is the 3rd time JGK will see Virg but it's my first! I'm SO excited about it, and i managed to get in contact with Virg and all (:)) to let him know that myself and JGK will be travelling hundreds of miles to see him and hopefully he still remembers and will be expecting us!:D
The amazing thing about the Belgium clinic is that its FREE! I know i'm paying money for flights and accomodation and that but to not be paying a penny to see the world's best drummer is strange! I guess i find it weird because you'd pay 30 or sth to see Bryan Adams etc. and these ppl are nothing compared to what Virgil is to me.
Anyway, the morning after all that we will drive up to Amsterdam and see a 2ND clinic with Virg, Frank said he'd meet us there too, so there will be a good couple of us Forum members seeing Virg this weekend. (Btw frank, i'll be wearing my Superman t-shirt!)

So thats the deal anyway and i hope to have the priviledge of writing some great Virg stories when i get back for you guys, and adding some pics to the new Euro-Clinic pages Chris will be putting up on the site.

Talk to you again soon,

11-07-2003, 01:18 PM
Once you meet Virg break his arm or leg for me...hehhehe...well after he played his clinic.