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Nate Van Dyk
09-08-2005, 11:52 PM
Right now, a top priority of mine is getting my 'live' drum sound to the next level by taking mic'ing, mixing, amplifacation, etc. into my own hands (atleast at some level; depending on the situation).

For me, the first phase of this involves selecting the proper drum mic's (a large financial investment and one I want to make with caution and knowledge).
I'm aiming to have mic's for all of my drums, particularly for live performance and for some personal recording.
I'm not operating on the world's greatest budget, but I'm willing to put in some additional money for a better return in sound (this is a long-term investment!).

To begin with, here are my kit specs:

Maple Wood-

20x20 kick drum
20x16 gong drum (the response isn't unlike a low/sensitive 18" floor tom...).
16x14 floor tom
12x7 tom
10x6 tom
14x6 snare drum
10x4 'piccollo' snare drum

I'm also looking to purchase atleast 2 'overheads' for the cymbals.
Additionally, if anyone here owns an Audix D6, AKG D112, Audix Micro-D, or anything else you'd like to mention related to all of this, I'd be very curious to hear some reviews.

I also plan on mixing in a kick drum trigger with the regular drum sounds; anything special to keep in mind for this?

I'm also interested in purchasing my own 'PA'-level speakers and a quality mixer down the line to get the ball rolling further, and I'm still trying to find the best gear for the job.

In the old days, this was never a problem- but in my current bands, well, my un-mic'd drums just can't compete with multiple Marshall stacks, distortion, vocals running through their own PA, etc.
Besides that, many of the venues down here just don't have a decent sound system, let alone decent drum mic's or sound guys who can handle themselves when doing sound for a metal band.

Any advice would be appreciated! Thanks!!

09-09-2005, 08:58 AM
Contact a pro "Monitor eng" or back line person. You may need alot or a little, if your band has monitors or monitors w/ monitor guy...all you need is a good in-ear system, does not have to wireless...save some $$$. On the other end you need Mic's, Mixer, rack, comps, gates, eq's,CABLES, SNAKE for the band because now your the "THROUGH" for all of the band signals for all inst-to to sound guy. And that's only about HALF of the headachces ( and gear) involved.It really comes down to your need's. Talk to ALOT of people before you spend a dime!

09-09-2005, 10:21 AM
You can get good live sound from mikes from Samson and Nady or other products that seem too cheap to be any good. In the studio, better mikes matter more. I use a D112, and five AKG C418 (clip on condensors), and I find them convenient and easy to use when I mike myself live. A friend of mine uses the C418's in his studio and gets good results with them. It's really more the guy running the sound, than the gear. That said, I want to get an Audix D6 for my kick.

Nate Van Dyk
09-12-2005, 12:22 PM
Any other thoughts? bump...

09-12-2005, 02:48 PM
I only use a D 112 for my kick and 6 AKG c 418! I mix them up in a small 8 Channel Mixer and in a Behringer Ultra Drive (Visit www.behringer.com/de for some great informations). The "pre-mixed" signal I send to the main mixer! It sounds great to me and to the audience (I heard from them) Check it out! Keep the Groove! (Sorry for my bad englisch!!) Greetings from Germany