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Milo Porto
10-14-2003, 01:42 PM
guys..im confused...What does it mean ..when you rthread has been MOVED ???

can someone enlighten me?? :confused:

10-14-2003, 01:46 PM
Hi Milo Porto,

When it says MOVED, it's because it's been moved to the proper forum it's supposed to be in. In your case, it was the "Dream Drumset" thread that you started in here. It's been moved to the "Miscellaneous" section of Drums and Drumming.

It's nothing bad, if that's what youre wondering.


Milo Porto
10-14-2003, 01:52 PM
*sigh of relief* :D

oh okay i see...sorry got so used to posting in this section that i totally forgot bout the other sections!! :p

...chances of me getting a response here is greater as i dont know if the majority of the forumers here ever touch the other sections as much as this one....

with that being said..i would like to say congats and good job on this site chris..its is always a pleasure loging in and chatting..with my fellow forumers!! :D

10-14-2003, 02:03 PM
Glad you enjoy it. I try to encourage people to post in different areas of the site. There are some great people here and I love the fact that you guys are enjoying to post about something you all enjoy a lot: Drumming.


Milo Porto
10-14-2003, 02:13 PM
:D man!!! this site always makes my day!!
before i sleep i browse and post....
when i wake up the first thing i do is log in and check out wuzzzz up in this forum...:D

laterzzz dude!!

musically yours
Brandon khoo:D