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04-06-2005, 11:36 PM
Killer show. I posted this review at MM's site:


They were awesome. If you like good hard rock, and drums that go beyond, it is one killer band. Jeff Scott Soto is a great front man. Neal Schon schredds and has a killer tone. Mark Mendoza has a powerful tone, plays with fingers and a pick sometimes.

The band put on a great rock show, Virgil did two solos, one over a vamp(which actually drowned out his playing, but who cares, his arms were flying all over his kit with the suspended toms etc...!) He also took a 5 minute solo which was like a Virgils greatest hits album. He did everything, jammed 10-15 seconds of doubles on the kicks---which were very loud--louder than his singles. Then ripped on two hihats playing some insane bass drum pattern against it. He then played his dual linear phrasing which was just unbelievable. ALong with his flurries of kicks and toms. He did some intricate stick twirls while playing the snare.

I thought Virg took a beat a bit too much out during a guitar solo. You know, when your're like, "Where the hell is one?" He came back, but it lost the "flow" Only once though, considering this was their second gig.

Check out Soul Sirkus. They are a very enjoyable band to see, and Virgil is dynamite with them.

04-07-2005, 01:02 AM
Hey, this my first post!I was at the Allentown show helping set up Virgils kit with Jim Handly Deen Castronovo's and Virgils Drum tech!It was an AWSOME day!My band plays at the club and I wanted to catch the sound check.I ended up helping set up,meet the crew and watch Soul Sirkus rehearse since they only rehearsed 3 times as a group,and then got to watch Virgil practice for about 45 minutes.That did'nt suck!I talked to him for a minute and then watched the show.The band was great,loose and seemed to be having fun,and Virgil was more ridiculas then when I had seen him the other 15-20 times prior!Catch them if you can,and get the cd it rocks!Later,Mike